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My journey as a long distance runner who started the sport later in life.

Word(s) for 2016

Leslie Farooq

As a species we don’t put much pressure on ourselves. One need look no further than the nearest litter-strewn abandoned lot to realize we collectively hold ourselves accountable for very little. Don’t even get me started on the plastic in our oceans, the contaminated water, the polluted air, the endangered species

As individual organisms we are absolutely bound by our innate shackles, with fear being a key motivator. What causes fear varies from individual to individual, but we all fear being left behind. A quick Google search of “herd behavior” gives many hits of the two-legged variety. Ethology is very interesting, but that is a story for another day.

The transition from one calendar year to another is significant, nobody wants to be left in the past. Out of date, out of touch, yesterday’s news. An easy solution is the New Year’s Resolution and all its iterations…

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