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Heart Rate Training Time

I’ve decided to try something new in the name of inspiring personal motivation towards running. I ordered it online, and it took a while in transit, but now it’s here. I am the proud owner of a brand new Tickr Run. It IMG_0109replaces my old Garmin heart rate monitor, which lasted me almost two years.

Historically, my heart rate data has been another cool graph to look at, without too much attention paid as to what the data meant or how I could use it to advance my running program. Now, with the help of Wahoo Fitness, I am going to attempt to do some heart rate training. I have already determined my burn and burst rates, first via the easy route (left image), and then via some actual running activities (right image).

As I am getting rather long in the tooth, it has been suggested to me by other runners that these fat burn values are too high. I have always had a higher resting heart rate, and I know that even when I run a half marathon my heart rate gets and remains higher than that of other runners. Thus, instead of second guessing this new product, I will give it a go with these numbers. I have my Training Zone 3 and 4 alarms set in my Garmin 310XT. Today is the first day of my new eight week training plan and I intend to do my best to follow it. If I find the target heart rate too hard I will adjust it and continue my training. The person who jumps in and gives something new a try learns a lot more than the person who sits back and dithers about perfection. I will keep you posted as to my progress with this new system. Thanks for reading!



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