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#MOVEmber = #MOvember

Running 5:1s on November 1, 2015

Running 5:1s on November 1, 2015

I have been out of the running game for about one month. I have been telling myself that running and I are “on a break.” I dug myself out of bed this morning and did not permit myself to even go downstairs and put the coffee on until I had first “suited up.” Off I went for a run, deciding to run as though I was new at running, with a 5:1 run:walk interval and a time goal of four repeats. I accomplished this, no problem, and as I proudly added notes to the run on RunKeeper I decided to add the hashtag #MOVEmber, thinking, “November will be the month I MOVE.” Well, as luck would have it, if you skip out on exercise for a month, the apps can update and linked permissions can change: RunKeeper failed to upload my run to my Twitter account. As I walked and contemplated this technological reality I realized that #MOVEmber was really just #MOvember and I would have been confusing a lot of people with my tweet had the upload worked! I am going to try to move every day this month, but not just by running. We unpacked and dusted off our Xbox 360 and there are some serious sweat inducing moves on Dance Central. The other games we have include Kinect Adventures! and EA Sports Active 2. These should put some variety back into my exercise routine. As I ran today I saw that the Ternium 10K race was underway on the Calzada del Valle. I had vowed that I would run that one this year when I saw how good it looked last year. Falling off the running wagon is hard, but at least running always takes me back!


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