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Earthathon Data Confusion

I’ve been a participant in Earthathon since December 2014 when I first found it on Twitter. It has been a great tool in my motivation toolbox, getting me out there to earn miles when I would prefer to stay at home and eat. I am grateful for this added incentive and I have made some great Twitter running connections through my participation, especially with my #TeamHumanRace teammates.

I have been tracking my July 2015 running using RunKeeper in miles so I would know if I had reported the right amount of miles for Earthathon Relay 2 (which started on July 1, 2015). Imagine my surprise when I checked the individual stats to see that I had only 3.8 miles according to Earthathon, when Runkeeper was indicating 38 miles.

I dug a little deeper today on the tracking sheet to find that close to 25 miles had been deducted from my Twitter handle (see figure). I have already asked why to find out what’s going on, but it has me second guessing the whole thing.

Earthathon Relay 2 mileage deduction (July 2015)?

Earthathon Relay 2 mileage deduction (July 2015)?

In the meantime, I will keep on running. With RunKeeper and a Garmin 310XT as evidence in my favor, I really don’t care, other than it calls into question the Earthathon stats and rankings in their entirety, which could be demotivating for some. On a cold, rainy day, it would certainly be demotivating for me! I hope we can get to the bottom of it!


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