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Making Peace With Myself (#leslieruns)

I had intended to do a run streak for the month of March, hoping to log at least 100 miles in the process. The mile goal was a reasonable one based on my half marathon training distances and the mileage achieved during my previous run streak (January 2015: 116 miles). All I had to do was get out there and run, but unfortunately I got a very bad head cold, so bad that I coughed more than I breathed for several days in a row. My last run in the streak was on March 24, though I also logged miles on March 27, 29, and 30. I fell slightly short of my March mileage goal at 93.9 miles.

I was obviously disappointed at first that the streak wasn’t going to work out, but between the last days of school before Easter break, planning and hosting a child’s birthday party, and packing for a vacation to Cancun, being sick was the last straw. I had to be kind to myself and let the streak go in order to get some desperately needed rest and recuperation in advance of the trip. It helped a little, but not as much as I would have liked as I was sick for half of my vacation too. This cold is a tough one to ditch.

Whenever I permit myself a rest day or two it always crosses my mind that this time it might be the first day of my never running again. On our first full day in Cancun I felt so guilty, though still sick, that I ran 3 miles in the hot Mexican sun at 3 pm. I did the same again the next day too, and though still sick, I felt a lot better having logged more miles during the month of March, bringing myself very close to my distance goal. I decided that I would have a rest day and let the 100 mile total go.

I ended up running two more times while on vacation, logging over 12 miles for the week. The enjoyment I derived from those two last runs made me realize just how much route boredom plays a role in my running at home. Monterrey is an industrial city with heavy traffic congestion, few pedestrian friendly routes, and jutting mountains on all sides. It is terrain best suited for an urban mountain goat, to be truthful, and I find myself wondering when we will next be elsewhere so I can feel as happy and free as I did during my final two Cancun runs. Does route boredom plague you?

Vacation run by the El Meco Ruins north of Cancun, Mexico in March 2015.

Vacation run by the El Meco Ruins north of Cancun, Mexico in March 2015.


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