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Run Streak Doldrums (#leslieruns)

Here I am in the midst of a March run streak and I once again find myself in the streak doldrums. It’s that point in time at which my #runfie photos no longer convey much joy and I am simply going through the motions because I said I would. I know I went through some similar feelings during my January run streak, and I am fairly certain these feelings came at about the same stage of the run streak process. I got through them and finished by running at least 1 mile every day in January, and I have every intention of doing the same for March. At some point the running mechanics combine with guilt and take over the whole thing until I feel good about it again.

Why would I continue doing something that I no longer enjoy? That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Motivation is something that I puzzle over a lot because I am also a high school classroom teacher. I have determined that I am intrinsically motivated, often by guilt, to do what I would consider to be the “right thing” in any given circumstance. I said I would run every day in March, and in saying it I made a commitment to myself, and a commitment to my online running community. To do anything less would plague me with such guilt that I am kept motivated to complete the running goal no matter what else is getting thrown my way.

A #runfie that is a helpful visual in conveying my run streak doldrums feelings.

A #runfie that is a helpful visual in conveying my run streak doldrums feelings.


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