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#FollowFriday always makes me feel like a big tool! (#leslieruns)

It’s Follow Friday again, that time of the week when tweeps recommend other handles to follow under the hashtags #FollowFriday and/or #FF. My first experiences with this phenomenon were with my running Twitter handle, and so I know that fellow runners recommend other fellow runners such that one can grow their digital running community. It only makes sense to follow other people who enjoy the same activities you do, because that gives you common ground through which to interact and engage. I love my digital running community and I always finish any running-themed Twitter chats feeling uplifted and even sometimes amused.

The trouble that I am having is with the reciprocity of Follow Friday. By the time I log into my running Twitter account to take serious stock of what is happening I can barely keep track of who started the Follow Friday threads and that gets complicated. I obviously favorite all notifications, but then I start the tedious task of trying to provide the initiator with their own Follow Friday nod. A reply is my traditional method of doing so, but that can be arduous when the first FF tweets of the morning were 12 to 14 hours ago. I also start to wonder if it gets annoying for anyone who is inadvertently tagged through the reply function.

I tried out the TwitNerd service to make my life easier, but I am not sure that it’s actually that much easier, plus I feel like I am cheating somehow. So there it is, Follow Friday is great for growing one’s digital community, but it does make me feel like a big tool. Maybe I am still too new to Twitter to expect to be awesome at this part of it yet, but every Friday I am thinking, “Every runner I am following is great, how do I pick just 140 characters’-worth of them to promote?” Am I the only one who is stymied by this? I am sure that some would call me a n00b, or is that term now old-school too?


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