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Still Streaking (#leslieruns)

Low clouds and cold conditions on March 6, 2015.

Low clouds and cold conditions on March 6, 2015.

I am in the midst of a March run streak, during which I have run at least one mile every day in March. I mostly run more than one mile each day, reserving the one mile minimums for what would have usually been my two rest days per week. Based on the Running Room training schedule I adhere to, the one mile days are most frequently Monday and Friday, but sometimes Monday and Saturday. I am scheduled for a ten mile run this Sunday, and I enjoy subtending the long, slow distance run day with the one mile days. It seems to make the longer run a bit easier, if only in my head.

The hardest part of this run streak hasn’t been the running, nor even the motivation to do it, which I struggled with a bit at times during my January run streak, it has been the weather. We can generally count on Monterrey to be mostly sunny and spring-like at this time of year, but we are having what I would consider to be an oddball spring. The temperatures have stayed cooler well into March, and it seems to cloud over and rain almost every day. The long range forecast often indicates that we may never see the sun here again, which is contrary to spring conditions in Monterrey.

"Clear up at night no clear up at all," on March 11, 2015.

“Clear up at night no clear up at all,” on March 11, 2015.

I had decided to do a March run streak thinking about all of the wonderful setting-sun-at-my-back and fresh-breezes-and-birds-chirping feels I would get out of a run streak in the typical climate of spring. Alas, again and again I am forced to contend with starting my run in the hard driving rain. I even resorted to the school’s treadmill one day this week, halted from taking my run outside by not just the rain, but a thunderstorm (you have to draw the line somewhere). The treadmill kept the streak alive, but I died a little inside that day. I like running both because it calms my brain and because it makes me feel like a kid again, playing outside.

I realize that a lot of other outdoor exercise enthusiasts currently have it much worse, but I have never derived joy out of learning that others are suffering far more than I am. I have never understood why people offer evidence of others suffering more as a means to cheer someone up. I would sincerely like this prevailing condition that seems to have its claws deeply wrapped around the continent of North America to shove off, so to speak. As my late Grandmother used to say, “A change is as good as a start.” Here’s to warmer, and drier days, hopefully in the near future if not tomorrow! Happy running, y’all.


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