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My journey as a long distance runner who started the sport later in life.

The Taper Crazies (#leslieruns)

I’ve had them before and I know how they manifest: I’m restless, listless, expecting something that doesn’t come, at least not for two weeks. It’s a bit of a wait when you’ve got the jimmy legs and you need to run, but also need to taper for a race. I am one week and one day away from my 21K race, so I should be in the throes of the taper crazies, but I am not.

I think it’s because I did a run streak for the full month before the taper. I am thinking my run streak might have subdued the taper crazy beast. I haven’t had any of the usual symptoms this time around. When the run streak ended I was so grateful for the break I actually defied my training schedule, skipped one run, and walked on yet another.

I am absolutely not worried that it will affect my race success in any way. Those among you who have read along with me for a while will know I had a huge four week taper before the same 21K race last year, brought about by finger surgery and strict instructions not to fall and wreck them again while they were healing.

I have another 21K race lined up for April, so I might do another run streak in March to see if it works out the same again. Here’s hoping that I finally have a reliable method to cure my taper crazies for good!


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