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The January Run Streak (#leslieruns)

January 2015 run streak data.

January 2015 run streak data.

There were days I wasn’t convinced that I could keep it up for the entire month of January, following my half marathon training schedule and running at least one mile every day, even rest days, but today is January 31 and I did it! The half marathon training schedule called for five days of training a week, so I ran only one mile on two days of each week, but a lot more on most other days each week. This is probably the most distance I have ever logged in a single month, even breaking the 100 mile mark (116 miles in total).

Having restarted running a few times before I already knew that a lot of whether or not a person sticks with it has to do with what is happening in the mind, but this run streak serves as additional data to reinforce the mind over matter concept of running. I begin to think about whether or not there is something else that I can do if I just put my mind to it. Could I do an ultra? My body could probably handle it, but I’d probably have to quit work to fit the training in properly. I am pretty satisfied with the 10K and 21K race distances, though I would like to challenge another marathon this year if all goes well and I am not injured at some point.

It has me contemplating my next move in the short term. I mostly liked it and it only got hard when life got in the way: parties, swimming lessons, soccer practice and games, and work obligations. Should I continue my run streak or cool it for a while? I remain undecided for now, but my long run of 20K, the last long run before I taper, is tomorrow, so the streak will continue for at least one more day…


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