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When I Hear Crickets (#leslieruns)

I can tell I haven’t blogged in a while when I open the administrative page for this site and I hear crickets chirping! There are times when I think of something to write, but then I am busy working and I can’t just stop working to blog about a hobby. There are times when I am free, but I can’t really think of anything specific to talk about, or at least nothing that I figure anyone would want to read. I have been meaning to backtrack on all the races I have ever run to post about them here, essentially taking my running scrapbook and going digital with it, but again, there is the time factor. A working mom of little children has no time, especially not if she’s also training for a half marathon!

I have been on a run streak for the month of January 2015. As it is the 29th of January this was my 29th day of running, but it was a challenge to get up the mental fortitude to get myself out the door. My training schedule called for an 8K run, but I didn’t fancy my usual Thursday route. That really has been part of the issue of late, that the routes that are run-worthy are limited and the city traffic is to the point that it is heavy almost around the clock and everyone is driving angry. That kind of environment takes away from one of the reasons I like running: the peace and solitude. It’s hard to find peace and solitude on the streets of Monterrey, Mexico. I am actually not quite sure that it exists other than at pre-dawn on a Sunday morning twice or three times a year.

So off I went on an uncharted course, and I discovered some new and interesting things to see. The traffic was hectic, and some of the pedestrians stared at me for impolite periods of time, but I do stand out here and I can’t hide in my house just because someone might stare at me. I ran all the way to our usual cross street for our drive to work, then I started heading back, but veered north to run past a beautiful little treed plaza, and ultimately hooked in to one of my older routes. The traffic there was insane too, even though it is less populated there, but I dealt with it. Only one person tried to play chicken with me, but I held my ground and they edged over just enough to give me space. It’s amazing how many drivers absolutely resent runners for their presence on the road. I wonder if it is jealousy, or a control issue, or just plain malice, and I may never know.

Stopping to take pictures totally destroys my pace, but I think in this case it was worth it!

A new perspective on Cerro de las Mitras, Monterrey, Mexico.

A new perspective on Cerro de las Mitras, Monterrey, Mexico.


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