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Buddy Challenge (#leslieruns)

I am back into the Lifetime Wellness Challenge for another eight weeks, this time with a buddy for support. They have modified the program in a way that makes it somewhat more difficult for me. Now I am supposed to spend ten minutes a day focusing on my own mental, emotional and/or spiritual development. To be honest, I used to cringe when the LWC weekly bonus would focus on this type of activity, be it meditating or the gratitude journaling, some of which you can see in the historical entries here. I am generally a neutral or negative person, and I realize that positivity has value, but there is a fine line between genuine positivity and putting on airs. I guess I watched too much Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables when I was young.

So here I am, back in the blog which I seldom use, to figure out how to earn my points for spending ten minutes today on this seemingly fluffy stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I know that thinking positive has had its role in my life, I wouldn’t have gotten over my hand injury otherwise. I just don’t relish a steady diet of actually doing it on purpose. It feels fake when it’s forced.

We have a housecleaner and she is sick right now. We told her to stay home and get better and we are taking housecleaning matters into our own hands. Today I did a lot of dishes, even though my role is usually to cook. I also cooked a pretty great lunch from scratch. I did two loads of laundry and folded and put away one load. Because I was there anyway I sorted through the clothing drawers of one of my children and weeded out all of the old stuff that no longer fits and bagged it up for donations. It all felt great because I most certainly do believe that physical clutter leads to mental clutter. I was happy to do it, and wondering why everyone here in Mexico is so inclined to give up these simple chores by paying someone else do it for them. If, when I fully succumbed to these simple tasks they made me feel better, is it possible that some people feel badly because they’ve given them up?

I started to think about how good I was feeling and about what else I could do to get rid of even more physical clutter. I will probably tackle some more clothing drawers tomorrow, and maybe a closet or two by the end of the week. I started to feel very accomplished and like I could do this every day and feel really good about the accomplishments every day, but then I remembered work. Work starts back next week. I absolutely know that some of the simple pleasures of getting a good job done with cleaning at home will fall by the wayside once lesson planning and the daily grind of teaching takes hold. I have promised myself not to let the needs of work overrule the needs of my half marathon training or running in general, so maybe I should also find some simple household chores I enjoy and make them a priority too. This could surely result in my own emotional development, especially in the roles of wife and mother, roles I sometimes slough off for work.


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