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Leslie Doesn’t Run (#leslieruns)

I have been sidelined. The viruses that are going around this year are fairly strong and I have succumbed to a bought of bronchitis. I felt so awful last week that I was ready to throw in the towel. I’ve had acute bronchitis before, but I don’t remember its emotional and mental health impacts being so severe. The Mayo Clinic says, “malaise,” but I think that falls short of how I felt at my lowest point last week. I think it triggered a bit of depression until the doctor finally declared me in need of meds and they started to take action. Then I started to feel like it all wasn’t about to come crashing down on me. It’s hard to imagine that cooties in one’s lungs would affect one’s mental outlook!

So I asked the doctor to give my lungs a listen today, and she said it was better than it had been, but to stay on top of it. I need to use the nebulizer regularly to moisturize my respiratory passages. Is it weird that I had never even heard of a nebulizer until I had a sick kid in Mexico? Does Canada nebulize or only humidify? I asked the doctor if I could finally run, because now it’s been a week since I have done so. She said I shouldn’t until this coming Monday. I remain sidelined and will have to settle for a speed walk today. I really need to get out because that’s part of maintaining mental health too, at least for me. Running is therapy!


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