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Over- and Underwhelmed (#leslieruns)

I have been training for this half marathon for what seems like forever. The original date for it was May 4 and it got moved to October 12 in the middle of April. It’s been so long since I purchased the ticket that I don’t even know where it is. I am grateful that the race organizers already have me on file as having lost it and have reconnected me with my ticket number. Half a year is a long time to hang on to a little receipt if it’s not stapled to a box or an owner’s manual.

These last few training runs have been very physically tiring and mentally cumbersome. I know that running is a mental game once you get over yourself and as long as you remain injury free, but lately I have really started to dread my runs. This is not a good place to be. I am grateful that I can change it up and so I will: After the half marathon I will switch gears and focus on shorter distances and trying to sub-30 a 5K. Because I need to exercise 45 minutes five days a week for the Lifetime Wellness Challenge points I will supplement with some new exercise routines to break out of what must just be a repetition funk; this will be my third half marathon in less than a year.

We have had torrential rains today. It rained so hard in 30 minutes that underpasses literally filled to a level equal to that of a sedan roof. People were swept away by the currents of rivers coursing down what are usually dry streets. When hurricane Alex hit it must have resembled this, but as yet I do not know if whatever “this” is even has a name other than some kind of frente frio. I am grateful that we have managed to stay safe and dry when so many others have sustained injuries and/or damage to property. The rain has yet to relent. We got out and did 15 minutes of walking to complement 30 minutes of Fitness Blender in the half hour or so of almost-sunshine that was the bright spot of the day. I am grateful for that too.


One comment on “Over- and Underwhelmed (#leslieruns)

  1. organizednowplease
    October 4, 2014

    I am mentally in the same spot. I have a race coming up on Oct 25 that I felt more ready for in August. I want to do well, but life took over and I’m feeling really behind. Hoping for the best, but it’s getting so close.

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