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Speed Work (#leslieruns)

Interval night, which means the half marathon is getting closer!

Interval night, which means the half marathon is getting closer!

Tonight was my first speed work Wednesday, which is a nice change from the traditional hill night Wednesdays I’ve been working on for the past seven weeks. The last month of my half marathon training program calls for speed work, and that’s how I know that the half marathon draws near. This first night called for speed work and 6K, so I did my best to do it after a full day of work and with a full stomach.

I laced up and started to walk, telling myself I could just walk to a fast music beat if I didn’t have a run in me. It works like a charm every time. My average pace was 6:57/km, with the sprints just below 6:00/km and the walk breaks around 11:00/km. I suppose the slower intervals should be faster than walking, but at this point I am just happy to have done it at all!

When I got home I did 40 crunches, held a plank for 30 seconds, did some back stretches, and some leg stretches, and now I am done. It feels great to be done!


One comment on “Speed Work (#leslieruns)

  1. annaethain
    October 28, 2014

    I am training for a half marathon at the moment. I got as far as 16k a couple of weeks back but am struggling with more than 10k at the moment. I enjoy reading about your running training. Makes me feel like it is possible to get better!

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