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My journey as a long distance runner who started the sport later in life.

Leslie Runs (#leslieruns)

I originally started blogging here to come to grips with the accident that occurred on January 18, 2014 which left me with three very badly damaged fingers. Typing about my experiences during my recovery from the accident was a form of slow therapy, because one-handed typing isn’t quick, but it started to get boring. The reality is that while some aspects of my hand function have improved greatly, it’s pretty much plateaued at a place that is far from normal or fully functional. The physiotherapy doctor has since told me to go and see my surgeon before I am allowed to come back for more physiotherapy, if instructed to do so by the surgeon. We all know what surgeons do: they perform surgeries, so it’s hard to imagine he will come up with some new non-surgical ideas that haven’t already been tried. Either way, I am over it and I don’t really want to write about that much any more.

In the six months or so since this all started I have taken to being more open about my exercise regimen, which is mostly running, my food intake, for which recipes are occasionally posted at Leslie Cooks (formerly Running + Recipes), and gratitude in general, especially when Lifetime Wellness Challenge calls for it in the name of earning points. I have grown as a person from the finger accident experience, and will likely continue to do so, and I think it’s time that my blog grew with me. Just Fingers is gone and I am pleased to welcome Leslie Runs as my new means of continuing to write about exercise, health, nutrition, and gratitude as the mood strikes me to do so. Coming up soon will be a review of each race I have already run. It will be a walk down memory lane for me, and it will serve as a historical race and location review for any other interested runners. I mostly write for myself, but I don’t mind sharing what I learn on my health and fitness journey with others along the way.


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