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Another, Harder, Run (#justfingers #runjoglog)

Activity: I am on the last week of the current Lifetime Wellness Challenge and so I need to exercise for 45 minutes five times a week if I want full points. Thus, I decided to go for a run again this morning under similar weather conditions (15 C), and post-coffee, but pre-breakfast smoothie. It felt like a more difficult run and the cadence graph corroborates this, though the pacing is much the same as the pacing from yesterday’s run. It was a different course, but not that much different, so it could also be the back-to-back running that had me lagging.

Stats for today's run

Stats for today’s run

Cadence graph for today's run

Cadence graph for today’s run

Nutrition: I have enjoyed some coffee with almond milk, my usual breakfast smoothie, and a plate of nachos with sugar-free salsa (dah!). I ate all meals late because I ran before breakfast, so I am well set-up for going to someone else’s house for dinner as I am still very full. I never like to depend too heavily on a meal plan chosen by someone else because of all the fruit and veggie requirements I have when I follow LWC. I find that very few people have veggie-heavy meals when they entertain, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

Health: I am feeling fine, if not a bit tired because a small fan came crashing to the ground in the middle of the night, setting off my fight-or-flight response and leaving me wide eyed and ready to react for a couple of hours thereafter. I had another PT session at Canadian clinic #1 today and it was nice to finally reconnect with that therapist and receive his style of treatment. My hand always moves the best after therapy so it’s a shame there wasn’t a way to have it more often. Single people take note: Must find PT SO.

Gratitude: I am grateful for the freedom I had this afternoon to be able to go and finally shop for some new running clothes without boring any family members in the process. I had been promising myself that I would buy some new running clothes as a reward for my successes on the last three LWC rounds I undertook, and only now has it finally transpired. I am excited to run in “modern” running wear, with secret waistband pockets and everything!


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