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How About I Touch Upon Everything? (#justfingers #runjoglog)

Activity: We had a busy afternoon planned, so I did my run in the morning for the first time in a while. It was raining again so I had one coffee and my breakfast smoothie before I went for it. By that time it had tapered off and it was a beautiful temperature for a run (15 C). I was surprised to see my best pace listed as 2:56 min/km. Is that even possible? I think I am ready to tackle a sub-30 5K in the near future. The fastest I’ve ever done a chip-timed 5K up until now is 30:38. I think I will sign up for some 5K races upon my return to Mexico.

This morning's run stats

This morning’s run stats

Sometimes it’s fun to look at the cadence graph from a really great run to see what is happening with the rhythm of your feet. That blue puts me into the 70-95th percentile of runners, which makes me feel super proud. When I have a bad run I am mostly in the yellow with hints of green, so a run that has some steady blue in it is a fast run!

This morning's run cadence graph

This morning’s run cadence graph

Nutrition: I wanted to write about this before now, but I am in the final week of the Lifetime Wellness Challenge and this week’s Super Bonus is avoiding all items with “sugar” or “brown sugar” in the label. This restriction (totally optional and self-imposed) made for an interesting grocery shopping experience. Exactly why does spicy salsa need sugar in it or sliced turkey for that matter? Even my once-a-year dill pickle chips are off limits this week if I want to earn those extra points! In any case, I ate well today, but indulged in a dinner at Curry Village, which is also a once-a-year event. Their chicken madras hasn’t changed a bit from when I first tried it in 1998, and I am glad. Their garlic naan is also top notch.

Health: I might be able to get a bit faster if I keep up the training, but I have acknowledged that strength training is what I lack. I feel doughy. The hand does impose restrictions on my ability to do balanced strength work, but I did do some walking lunges and a plank at the conclusion of my run. I feel fine, but I want to feel even better, so I will try to add some core work to the end of two to three runs per week.

Gratitude: I am grateful that we had good weather for the Lift Lock Tour we took today. I am grateful we had the chance to see such an amazing piece of local history from the inside and got to understand a little more about the whole Trent Severn Waterway system that goes through Peterborough. I also really enjoyed getting a close look at a great blue heron twice. My morning run concluded with a trail totally covered in a flock of Canada geese. I am grateful that none of them goosed me. For future reference, if you are running and a flock of geese are on your path, spread your wings and be a bigger bird. That seemed to work for me, though my sample size is one so I can make no guarantees. I might be the outlier.

View from the top of the Peterborough Lift Lock, 19 m or so above the rest of the city

View from the top of the Peterborough Lift Lock, 19 m or so above the rest of the city


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