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Fitness Journal, Might Be A Thing (#justfingers #runjoglog #running)

Activity: Sunday morning is my traditional long, slow distance (LSD) run, but I awoke to it raining cats and dogs and looking very grey and relentless. As soon as it let up I was tying on my shoes because I needed to get it over with. The Running Room trained me to equate Sunday morning with running and if I put it off I feel bad all day until I go and get it done. I ran 6.33 km at an average pace of 7:29 min/km, but that average pace is a bit of a lie. When I do run I am pacing a lot faster (around 6 min/km), and the only way I seem to get a slower overall pace on my LSD runs is to take walk breaks.

Pacing chart for today's LSD run

Pacing chart for today’s LSD run

Nutrition: It’s too early to discuss the full day’s nutrition, but I have thus far had two coffees and two buttered crumpets, which are a treat since I can’t buy them in Mexico. I will fulfill the LWC requirements for daily fruits and vegetables, and I have to avoid sweets since I have no sweets left for this week. I am still puzzling over next week’s Super Bonus Challenge because in order to earn those points I need to avoid all foods with any derivation of sugar in the ingredients list. Based on my research so far that means I am eating a raw and whole foods diet all next week.

Health: I am feeling okay, but breathing during the run was labored due to the extreme humidity. I have never had good runs on very humid days, and the hills of Hastings Highlands add insult to injury. 100% humidity + 10% slope grade = 110% wall

Changes in elevation during today's LSD run

Changes in elevation during today’s LSD run

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 10.46.44 AM

The weather conditions during today’s LSD run

Gratitude: I am grateful that I was able to get out for a run because I was sure that the weather would prevent it all day long. I am also grateful to be back and sometimes that’s just the way a long run feels, best when over.


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