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My journey as a long distance runner who started the sport later in life.

Work It (#justfingers #runjoglog #running)

Activity #1: Treadmill running for 30 min and the treadmill said I had run 2.77 mi (4.45 km) and burned over 300 Cal. This is what the Garmin said:

Treadmill run using foot pod to calculate distance

Treadmill run using foot pod to calculate distance

It’s interesting that the foot pod overestimates my stride length (usually it’s less than 1 m, but today it said 1.02 m, which would lead to an overestimation of distance), but underestimates my Calories when compared to the treadmill. The Calories on the Garmin were related to my heart rate using the heart rate monitor. So beware of using a machine that is not attached to you to gauge how much energy you use. The setting I used was mystery hill and it mostly had me doing a flat 10 min/mile pace once it got going.

Activity #2: Lap swim, including six lengths of breast stroke and four lengths of side stroke for a total of 250 m in just under 8 minutes. I am very happy with this because swimming is a bit awkward with my hand the way it is. I had to be mindful of currents and be careful not to bash my bad hand into the plastic lane guides. There are also some strokes I will never use again (crawls, for instance).

Health: I am feeling fine other than the hand is a bit stiff and minding the humidity. No other complains from yesterday’s upright stationary bike activity.

Nutrition: We are finally back to making fruit and vegetable smoothies for breakfast, enabling me to get a serving of vegetables in at the beginning of the day. This is essential if you are trying to get a certain amount of vegetable servings in, which everyone should be. Today the smoothie included frozen raspberries, fresh blueberries, a banana, two stalks of celery, 1 cup of almond milk, 1 tbsp each of Nutella and natural peanut butter.

Gratitude: I am grateful that I have summer holidays to have a chance to do more of the things that I enjoy that I sometimes don’t feel I have the luxury of time for during the school year.


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