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Dynamic Splint (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

With summer holidays, a big road trip, and a whole new country to live in for a while it has been easy to forget that some interesting things did happen at my final appointment with the surgeon and his physiotherapist sidekick on the morning of our departure. I last saw them both on June 26 to touch base just before spending some time away from them.

The doctor called my hand beautiful, was very happy with how much it was moving at the MCP joints and said he expected that it would only get better and better with time and therapy. He agreed that the MCP joint flexion limits felt like soft limits, and he did not seem to worried that the PIP joint of the middle finger wasn’t extending as well as it once had. From what I have read, it’s pointless to focus on two directions at once, so he is probably pragmatically focused on flexion and function. Hopefully extension and aesthetics will come later. Obviously I was happy to hear such a good prognosis from a doctor who has such a wide range of hand surgery experiences.

His physiotherapist had a new idea for that more restrictive splint, to better focus on MCP flexion, and so we tried it out. She also adjusted it to remove any areas of undue friction and pain along my wrist and arm. Since then, the little strips have broken, as I suspected they would: Hot glue on fuzzy velcro just does not stick over time. Thankfully my mom is adept with a thread and needle and she fixed them all up so I can start wearing it again.

Dynamic splint modification for more MCP flexion

Dynamic splint modification for more MCP flexion

The other splint was also adjusted for more MCP flexion, but I have lost some flexion with the trip and so it no longer fits well. With each adjustment of the first splint more Thermaplast was cut away, and now there is not enough material for velcro to attach for it to force the flexion. I have since stopped wearing it because it isn’t doing the job for which it was intended. It’s a shame because that was the one I could wear all night long. I can really only wear the new one for about an hour before it makes me crazy with pain.


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