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Cognitive Dissonance (#justfingers)

I have taken a little while to write about my experiences in Canadian physiotherapy thus far, because it’s been a lot different than what I was expecting based on my Mexican PT experiences. I am therefore forced to contemplate which location is doing it better or approaching it more properly, which is not a fun thing to think about. Either way, if one way is better than the other, it’s me who loses.

My physiotherapist is a nice young man with whom I had an initial consult or evaluation this past week. During this appointment we discussed the history of the accident and the two surgeries, the amount of therapy I had already done (though no specifics as to what had been done in Mexico), and any other relevant information. I did not actually receive any PT that day. This means I went for eight days without any PT at all, and I did survive, though my hand is definitely more stiff and less mobile than it was.

My first real PT appointment involved the following: three layers of paraffin for five minutes, 20 minutes of passive movements performed by the therapist, 20 minutes of passive movements performed by me. That’s it. No ultrasound, no heat pads, no electrodes, no massage, no coconut oil. The therapist said that the main thing was to get it moving and to move it as many times a day as possible and that’s it. The second appointment was identical, and so I decided it was time to blog about it.

Private cubicle for Canadian PT

Private cubicle for Canadian PT


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