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Fitness Journal, Day 3 (#justfingers #runjoglog)

Day and Date: Thursday, July 3, 2014

Activity: time – 8:38 pm, duration – 29:59, type – running, intensity – tempo (6:23 min/km pace)

Feelings: I was super mad at Garmin Connect and Garmin Express because I could no longer upload my runs to their UI. My first run of the week uploaded fine, and then nothing. I was trying to resolve the problem before I left for my run and ended up leaving 20 minutes later with no solution. Part of what keeps me running is my interest in viewing the data that my Garmin generates, so my annoyance is genuine. I suspect it stopped working when I chose to switch to their “modern” UI, which says I have no device, while their “classic” UI says I do. Unfortunately, the switch back to “classic” is supposedly temporary.

Nutrition: Today was a reasonable nutrition day. Breakfast was fruit, yogurt, and granola. Lunch was homemade loaded nachos, which I eat almost one a week while in Mexico. Dinner was a new frozen entree called chicken tikka masala with a side of diced cucumber, tomato, and onion an a small naan bread. I am ashamed to say that one of my fruit servings was a glass of juice. I rarely ever do that.

Body Assessment: It feels fine, and it always feels better after a run, though my shoulders are a bit tense from hunching over this computer and typing one-handed. The bad hand got a little frozen during my blustery 16 C jog and I am soaking it in some hot water. This does not make for ergonomic typing.

Gratitude:  I am grateful for:

  1. The safe trip we had driving all the way from Mexico to Canada. We only had one flat tire and it went flat right next to an outlet mall so we could safely switch to the secondary tire in a parking lot instead of on the side of an interstate.
  2. Dan at Pep Boys in Miamisburg, OH who was overbooked on a Saturday night, yet he graciously agreed to fix our tire anyway so we could continue our journey. The guy is a saint.
  3. Wendy, Elena, Angie, and Juan, because I really miss them, and I am happy I was in such capable and friendly hands for my physiotherapy.
  4. Clean running water, because we have it and most people on the planet do not. We are really lucky.
  5. Nutritious food, because we have it in abundance and with a lot of choices, whereas most people on the planet do not.

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