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PT Toys (#justfingers)

It’s about time I talked about my PT toys, since I have had most of them for a while and as of my 31st appointment I was encouraged to use them during PT as part of my rehabilitation program.

The surgeon told me that the three main stages of PT were: 1) passive ROM; 2) active ROM; and, 3) resistance. Toys have varying degrees of resistance, and though I am still in Stage 1 of PT, I do think a little light resistance might help some of my arm muscles to recuperate some function. Recall that they have been out of commission since January. I only hope that translates into the ability to perform more active ROM, especially with regards the the flexion of the IP joints of the ring and pinky fingers.

My physiotherapy toys.

My physiotherapy toys.

I have a red net for gripping and pulling (big red disc). I have a flexion/extension ball with yellow rings to fit over every finger (top left on the red net), I have smaller flexion balls of various levels of resistance (top right on the red net), I have button flexion toys of the two lowest resistances (only one shown, bottom right on the red net), and an elastic extension toy (bottom left on the red net). I also have therapeutic plasticine that I have yet to open (top right) and a strengthening bar (across the bottom). The one item that isn’t sold online is a bottle full of water that is of a diameter that is just beyond my ability to grasp because I am also trying my luck at proprioperception. I read about this somewhere and thought I would see if it helped. It will be interesting to see if the Canadian physiotherapy place has toys as a part of its program. I am ready to do self-care if they do!


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