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Fitness Journal, Day 2 (#justfingers #runjoglog)

Day and Date: Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Activity: time – 8:21 pm, duration – 32:32, type – running, intensity – tempo (6:25 min/km pace)

Feelings: I did not want to go for this run. After we got the kids to bed I felt drained, had a headache, and was starving even though we had eaten dinner. I guess we are coming down off our restaurant glut and our stomachs are adjusting to less food with much complaint. I really want to stay strong on this LWC challenge though, so I made myself lace up and head out.

Nutrition: Today was a good nutrition day. Now that we are established in our summer apartment we can control portions and make healthier choices. Breakfast was fruit, yogurt, and granola. Lunch was a loaded garden salad (loaded with veggies, that is). Dinner was some kind of frozen cod and vegetable dinner for two. I am not going to pretend that the dinner option was the most healthy choice (read: laced in butter), but it beats one-handed cooking in a postage stamp kitchen.

Body Assessment: I was feeling drained today, as previously stated, which just shows how the mind and body cannot be divorced from each other. I was struggling throughout the run, but then “Upgrade U” by Beyonce and Jay-Z came on and its beat had me pacing at 5:53 min/km. That picked me up a lot. By the time the 5 km were through I was glad I went and persevered.

Gratitude: I got to thinking about this particular Weekly Bonus and realized that if I do this every day I will have accumulated 35 things to be grateful for over the course of the week. These items are supposed to be meaningful and authentic, not along the lines of, “I’m grateful for electric pink nail polish,” so it has me wondering if I can really think of 35 authentic and meaningful things to be grateful for. I think that is rather telling, isn’t it? Today I am grateful for:

  1. Music because it really does make a lot of things more enjoyable. When I was a kid I always thought it would be great if there was a soundtrack to life and people danced through it. Naturally, I wanted the soundtrack to include all of my favorite songs.
  2. The ability to make choices. Many moons ago I made a choice in university and though I am sure I’d be just as happy having chosen the other option, I am super happy coming back to this one, and even happier that I had options at all. Most people have no options.
  3. Perspectives that I have gained with age and experience. This hand injury really has made me look at many situations from new angles, and I think I am better off for it, even though the hand itself is still a tough go.
  4. The ability to exercise to clear my mind. While many people could do so and choose not too, we rarely ever talk about those who might like to, but who are unable. I am lucky that I can and that it helps me both physically and mentally.
  5. The people I met during the Running Room group runs. I stuck with running as long as I have as a result of their camaraderie and encouragement. Even though we are all scattered to far reaches of the earth now, I remember our time together with fondness and I always will.

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