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Fitness Journal, Day 1 (#justfingers #runjoglog)

I have been taking on health and fitness challenges since March of 2013 thanks to the lovely ladies who run Lifetime Wellness Challenge. If my memory serves, I have completed two group challenges and two individual challenges since then, and I am now deep in the throes of a third individual challenge. This week’s Tiebreaker Bonus has to do with creating a fitness journal to earn points, so here it is. (I suppose this journal has been heavy on the finger problems and light on the exercise anyway of late.) The regular Weekly Bonus is about gratitude, so I will discuss it after I deal with my fitness activities of the day.

Day and Date: Tuesday, July 1, 2014 (Canada Day)

Activity: time – 9:05 pm, duration – 26:41, type – running, intensity – tempo (6:30 min/km pace)

Feelings: I was exasperated and frustrated that the drive up to Canada was reducing or eliminating my ability to exercise and make good eating choices. I was relieved to finally be able to go for a run, even though starting at 9 pm EST is not optimal from a safety standpoint nor from a restful sleep standpoint. I will likely lie awake like a zombie until 11 pm. It was nice to finally move into our summer accommodation and even though the place is a mess at least we are finally done with the car for a while.

Nutrition: My nutrition is finally back on track today, earning full points for veggies thanks to fresh new peas from mom’s garden and a big vegetable salad for dinner. Restaurant meals really don’t make the veggie points easy because fast food salads are repetitive and I get bored with that. We bought a lot of good groceries today too, so I should be set for the week.

Body Assessment: I was very happy to be able to keep a pace within the 6-6:30 min/km range, which I hadn’t really tried for a very long time. I started to feel gross towards the end because of an unspeakable problem that runners get sometimes and it disappointed me to cut the run short (not to mention the cool down) to deal with it. I also ran without the splint, and while it felt good to do so, it was nerve-wracking simply because the fingers are still stiff and possibly vulnerable, if only in my head.

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Being back in my hometown and having the ability to return each year. No matter where we live in the world, this place is familiar and welcoming and it’s nice to feel grounded again.
  2. Being able to resume physiotherapy starting tomorrow. Today I am eight weeks post-op and nowhere near done with PT, so it is nice that I can finally get back to recovery.
  3. Having the ability to get family together. Watching the kids with their grandparents reassures me that the crazy road trip is worth it, even if it is hard. The kids are very happy to be visiting.
  4. Having such a helpful and thoughtful mom. We were able to quickly eat dinner tonight because she took the time to sterilize all of our dishes, and she dropped the dog off at the dog hotel so we could avoid a late departure and the potential for sad goodbyes.
  5. Wildlife and nature and the ability to see it and enjoy it for what it is. When you live in the city you become disconnected, and while the city is where the work is, a beautiful mixed forest ecosystem is where my heart is.

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