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Oh, Canada (#justfingers #roadtrip)

We recently arrived in Canada after 3,400 km of driving spread across three days and three nights. Now that we have completed the trip I can say that going without therapy was manageable, though my hand does feel more stiff than it ever has in a long time. I tried to be diligent with passive ROM exercises and massages, but we rarely had access to a source of heat, a key ingredient in achieving greater mobility.

I gave the hand and scars a prolonged coconut oil massage at least once a day, usually after releasing it from the very painful new splint. I worked hard on the MCP joints multiple times a day, but the IP joints received less attention. I also flexed with the small, yellow therapy ball regularly, but the other exercise toys were out of reach at the back and it was just too complicated to unpack them. We were in a hurry!

My tendons are tightening up and the MCP joints seem to revert to the neutral position if I go without my splint for very long. I also had the original splint adjusted for more flexion and sometimes I can’t bend the joints enough to get them to properly fit inside the splint. Today I am eight weeks post-op and I can’t help but wonder at what point there is no longer a danger of the MCP joints reverting back to restricted movement. Surely at some point it will be safe to go without the splint without fear of loss of range, otherwise I will need to wear a splint for the rest of my life.

Tomorrow I will go for my evaluation appointment at the Canadian physiotherapy place. Hopefully I did enough to maintain it and I sure am looking forward to having my hand in the hands of professionals once again!


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