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Nailed It (#justfingers)

Weird ring fingernail, Pound 2 and 6.5 weeks post-op

Weird ring fingernail, Round 2 and 6.5 weeks post-op

This nail was deeply affected during the fall on January 18. It always felt raw during the first round of PT, but the nail specialist at the PT clinic said it looked healthy at the time. Every time Vero put pressure on it I simply wanted to jump out of my skin and run away. It felt like I was enduring pain synergy: surface pain and deep tissue pain. Neither of the other affected nails felt like that. I don’t recall if it grew much in those first months, but I did have to cut the nails on my broken fingers (so nerve-wracking), so you think I would have noticed growth discrepancies between it and the others. It always had a strange white color at the base and a pinkish-red color at the tip.

Fast forward to today, 6.5 weeks post-op from my second surgery, and it seems to be going through some kind of odd renewed growth. There is a new band of heathy looking pinkish-red nail at the quick, and the other two-layered part is being pushed off the end. How likely is it that the second surgery reinstated or promoted internal circulation to make it healthy again? I really hope that this can translate into improvements to active ROM that I still lack in the PIP and DIP joints. The minutiae of this injury is just astounding at times.


One comment on “Nailed It (#justfingers)

  1. MO
    June 22, 2014

    That’s is very interesting to be sure. the second surgery must have got things moving.

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