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Forgot Something (#justfingers)

This morning I woke up and went for a 6K run with a few walk breaks. Now that I am allowed to run I am working my way back up to what I had before my second surgery. I got home in time to eat breakfast, drink more coffee, and go to my PT session. I decided to swing by a bakery to get pan au chocolat for the therapists, and I didn’t have much time to think about that one thing I always do about an hour before my PT appointment: painkillers.

My session today was painful, but no more so than usual, and it was only after the session as we were on our way to the movies that I realized that I never did take it. I have always had an aversion to being dependent on medication, so I was pretty happy to know that it wasn’t essential to the success of my therapy session. I will probably still take them if the pain gets bad, but if things continue to improve maybe I can quit them. Surely this is yet another stage in the “recovering from surgery” process.


One comment on “Forgot Something (#justfingers)

  1. MO
    June 15, 2014


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