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Good News (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

For the first time since that fateful day in January 2014 when I fell while out for a run, sustaining a serious injury, I feel like I have had good news. Today I saw the x-ray (4 weeks post-op) and heard the words that I wanted to hear: “The bones have healed well.” I asked the doctor if I had his blessing to start running again and he said, “Yes!” I think it’s time to pick a goal race that is sooner than October 12, 2014!

The doctor was not happy with the movement of my metacarpal phalangeal (MCP) joints. He wants them to bend more to regain the hand function of actually gripping things, but he checked and assured me that the limits of my movement are soft limits, restricted only by my tolerance for pain. I know that my tolerance is low, but I also know that this will not happen overnight, so I will meet this challenge with renewed hope. The splint was adjusted lower to hold the MCP joints at a new, lower angle, and I will continue to wear it regularly, and all through the night.

I reported to my therapy session with these buenas noticias and the male therapist brought me to the begging point with pain, but not quite the crying point. Brazil is his soccer pool team and they were down 0-1, and he was taking it out on my fingers! I will continue my therapy sessions with gusto, knowing that I am well set up for success. The doctor mentioned he hoped for more than just an okay recovery, he hoped for a full recovery, but time will tell.

The other piece of good news of which I was suspicious, but not totally certain, is that I no longer have a plate nor screws in my middle finger. I guess the first surgery was good enough on that finger that the doctor was able to just remove and not replace them during the second surgery. The middle finger is actually bending the most at the MCP joint, so that might be why. If only its PIP joint would straighten beyond 30 degrees, I’d be set.

Round 2, x-ray from 4 weeks post-op

Round 2, x-ray from 4 weeks post-op


One comment on “Good News (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

  1. MO
    June 12, 2014

    It really does look promising, Les! Yay and yay and yay. Keep up the good work! I am so pleased that you have renewed hope.

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