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Four Weeks Post-op, Again (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

It is hard to believe that four weeks have passed since my second surgery. I feel like time is standing still if I judge it by the progress of my hand. It is still so sore and stiff and useless. It is still in the splint and tomorrow I will go for a third splint adjustment. If I have understood the surgeon correctly, we are at the point when we can determine if the two cut bones (ring and pinky) have joined correctly or if I am suffering from non-union. I need to go and get some x-rays done.

I know that when the surgeon’s therapist measures them she sees gains in the ranges of motion for most joints, but those are assisted ranges of motion and are not indicative of how far the joints can bend on their own. The second and third joints of both the ring and pinky fingers have yet to show any inclination towards bending on their own. It frightens me that this ability might not ever return. It will make for a pretty goofy looking “fist.”

In any case, this is what it looks like four weeks post-op and when I compare the thumbnails it looks to me like I’ve lost ground on the extensions.

Round 2, 4 wks post-op, extension

Round 2, 4 wks post-op, extension

Round 2, 4 wks post-op, flexion

Round 2, 4 wks post-op, flexion


One comment on “Four Weeks Post-op, Again (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

  1. MO
    June 4, 2014

    Not sure what you mean by losing ground. Is it that you aren’t able to straighten them? If they can move with help hopefully they will move on their own eventually. I am going to Ptbo on Sunday and I will look for some cotton in a neutral colour and start working on a light mitten. I have to take Aunt Val to an eye doctor at 7:30 a.m. on Monday morning so I will get the mitten started while I wait. Sending healing thoughts 24/7 ❤

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