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Information Vacuum (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

I feel that I am in a total information vacuum that precludes me from doing a good enough job at the DIY PT I am supposed to undertake three to four times a day. Is that even enough? One website I have found has suggested that 15 minutes of every hour should be devoted to PT exercises, but the problems listed on that website are not identical to my own. In myriad searches, I have been thus far unsuccessful at finding any detailed information online pertaining to my particular situation.

Tenolysis recovery information and timeframes are primarily about ankle fusion. Tendon fusion websites in general are about ankle fusion, and good luck finding out when you are beyond the post-op timeframe for tendon fusion to potentially reoccur. I really want to know if I have totally avoided it by now or if it is still a real possibility. It’s hard to believe that no one knows how long it takes for total tendon recovery to occur, but I can’t even find vague recommendation let alone a time range.

Range of motion measurements were taken last week, but since I don’t have the tool to take any myself I do not know whether my exercises are enough. It’s entirely possible that they are not enough and that I am losing ground. That kind of doubt can throw me into a tailspin of certainty that history is repeating itself and that it’s just a matter of time before I am stuck once again with a useless claw for a hand. I look down and I see regression and it scares the hell out of me.

Knuckle joint release was performed on two of my second knuckles, but I do not have any specific instructions for extension exercises. I have noticed that the splint forces my middle finger into a position reminiscent of the position that joint was stuck in before the surgery. Was the joint release for naught or can PT eventually allow for straightening of that joint once again?

My doubts go on and on because I already know from experience how negative the outcome can be. I am going to start taking pictures because that’s all I have access to if I am not willing to phone my doctor every two minutes (which I am not).

Round 2, 12 days post-op, extension

Round 2, 12 days post-op, extension

Round 2, 12 days post-op, flexion

Round 2, 12 days post-op, flexion


One comment on “Information Vacuum (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

  1. MO
    May 18, 2014

    I think there is a little improvement.

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