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Splint Adjustment (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

Round 2, post-op splint, adjusted on Day 8

Round 2, post-op splint, adjusted on Day 8

I returned to see the doctor and his team on Day 8 post-op and we discussed what adjustments the splint needed to increase both comfort and function. The PT technician modified it to reduce the pressure it had been putting on the back of my hand and on each of my second knuckles. Between the surgery pain and the new pain from an ill-fitting splint I wasn’t getting much sleep, so I was glad they could do something about it. She added an extension to the palmar surface splint piece that she said turned it into a sandwich. She also humored my request to free my index finger. Being lumped in with the others was limiting its range of motion (ROM) and also my ability to complete simple tasks I had been able to do before the surgery.

Both PT technicians said they thought my ROMs had improved since my appointment two days prior. I was happy to hear it because I had already convinced myself that my hand was reverting back to looking similar to how it had looked before the surgery. After having gone through all that PT work to achieve a poor, non-functional outcome the first time I was feeling very glum that it was happening again. I was glad to hear that they thought there had been improvements. I asked them to measure the ranges of motion so I could quantitatively compare them over time and know if I was making progress in that way. Qualitative progress is far less tangible and it feeds my uncertainty. It certainly didn’t serve me well the first time around.

The aspects of my hand that have been on my mind of late include:

  • What is the time frame for tendon fusion to reoccur and when will I know if I have avoided it?
  • Why are the tips of my middle and ring fingers always numb and tingly and will this go away or is it something new to endure?
  • Will the second and third joints of my ring and pinky fingers ever bend on their own again or were they motionless for too long for this recovery to occur?
  • What is happening with the second joint of my middle finger that appears to be making the finger alignment slightly crooked?
  • Am I doing enough ROM exercise on my own or is it only enough if I am putting myself into pain that makes me cry?

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