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Alarming, But Good? (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

Yesterday I had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon and my hand was unveiled. As he wielded the scissors I was so nervous. Though not squeamish, I was not totally prepared for how my hand would look, I had been so fixated on how it felt.

Round 2, six days post-op.

Round 2, six days post-op.

I had seen enough internet images of tenolysis to know that the incisions would be much longer than those made during the first surgery. I also knew that my pinky finger would have an incision this time around. What shocked me the most were all of the giant blood blisters between most of my fingers. They were repulsive, though the surgeon assured me they were inconsequential. I also didn’t realize there would be incisions on the backs of two fingers. I learned that these were necessary to relieve tension on the second joints of two fingers. The blood blisters combined with these v-shaped incisions make for a grizzly sight that induced a gag reflex in my son. Poor kid.

Round 2, six days post-op, palmar surface.

Round 2, six days post-op, palmar surface.

Some stitches were removed to relieve stress at the incision sites. I asked if it was too early to be removing them, but he said that it was necessary to minimize scarring. The plastic surgeon in him desired their removal so that the hand would look good. Looking at the hand now it’s hard to imagine “look good” as ever being used to describe it again, but we will see.

I had to get fit for a splint that would force my first joints to bend, a movement that they ceased being able to do about one month after the first surgery. The skin, tendons, and bones had all fused together under my previous incision sites, rendering that movement impossible. I hope we can avoid that problem this time around, but I do worry that it might be inevitable.

Round 2, post-op splint

Round 2, post-op splint

Sleeping with my fingers jutted out like this is a bit of a feat. The hard plastic splint is also less than comfortable. In pain because I was six days post-op and because the splint was too tight and giving me hot spots in otherwise pain-free areas, I tossed and turned a lot last night, and got a bit teary-eyed about how hard this is and will continue to be. I am wearing the splint right now and it feels a little less painful. I return to the doctor tomorrow to get some adjustments made. I will continue to do my best to stay positive and focussed.


One comment on “Alarming, But Good? (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

  1. MO
    May 14, 2014

    I think this time will be better. It certainly looks like he did a thorough job. I can see why Handro was taken aback. The look will improve quickly now that it is free.

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