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Surgery Jitters (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

As my second major finger surgery looms on the horizon I find myself thinking about it a lot. I know that it will change my life again, as did the previous accident and surgery, but I can’t even guess as to how it will change other than the resumption of daily physiotherapy. Even if a person is physically uncomfortable, after a certain amount of time spent that way, the discomfort becomes comforting. I am used to my useless mannequin fingers, and even though they absolutely suck, I find myself worrying about how the fingers will feel, look, and if they will work after a second major surgery. Fingers are such a small area to be doing so much cutting open and manipulating of their innards. The more I think about it, the more contemplative I become, and the less I want to broadcast every small detail to a blog.

I have also been absent from this blog because there is a certain degree of stupidity in finally deciding to create a blog once one is no longer able to type rapidly and comfortably. Every post I put to this blog reminds me of just how horribly disfigured my fingers are from what they once were. Typing is exceedingly slow and frustrating as I am constantly typing the wrong series of keys with my bad hand. I spend almost as much time hitting the backspace key as I do actually typing the words that I am thinking. The doctor told me that a lot of people return to ask for a pinky amputation and now that I have lived with my pinky sticking out, unbending, I can totally see that. I sure do hope it doesn’t come to that in my future.

The fingers on May 3, 2014. They barely bend at any of the joints, and they are poorly aligned.

The fingers on May 3, 2014. They barely bend at any of the joints, and they are poorly aligned.


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