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Cadence and LSD (#running #training #longrun #lsd #runchat)

The cadence data from a 12K long, slow distance run.

The cadence data from a 12K long, slow distance run.

I woke up too late to get to the 10K Miles for Smiles race even though I had registered, and so I thought I’d go a bit longer. I am still floundering in the abyss that constitutes the lack of a goal race. No goal race on the horizon means maintenance running, which I know little about. I have a few runner training books, but their training schedules all involve goal races, not maintenance. I decided for myself to rotate my long, slow distance (LSD) runs through 10, 12, and 14K, hence my decision to do the 12K distance today. It is based on some information I have read before about maintenance training, but modified to take into account my weekly distances. I did 27K in total last week, and I wanted my weekly distance to be a little more than that this week: 10K would have had me even, so 12K got me a weekly total of 29K.

What is fun about this cadence graph is that I spiked into the blue zone twice and into the purple zone once (hills both times, thanks hill training!). I had speculated on my last cadence post that this might happen someday, but never did I imagine it happening on a LSD run. Thanks to my Garmin information on cadence I know that when I am in the blue zone I am in the 70-95th percentile for running speed, and it feels great to think that there were times today when I was faster than 70-95 percent of other runners in Garmin’s data set. I am a slower runner, especially on LSD day, so it feels like quite the accomplishment given my recent medical (and therefore training) setbacks.

Even more interesting is the correlation between steps per minute (SPM), vertical oscillation, and ground contact time. The greater my SPM the closer my feet stay to the ground (less vertical oscillation), and the less time they actually spend touching the ground. You never know, if I keep my training up I might get to the point where I simultaneously float and glide across the ground!


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