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Cadence (#running #runchat)

I have had a Garmin 310XT since just before Christmas and I am still getting to know about all its features. I will most likely be doing some indoor running so I got a foot pod and I tried it out for the first time tonight.

My first cadence graph from a 5K run

My first cadence graph from a 5K run

I must say that I enjoyed learning that the green color corresponds with faster and more experienced runners because I would probably never describe myself in that way. The red and yellow colors correspond with less experienced or slower runners, and those were the times that I slowed to take a drink or wait for traffic when I was crossing the road. There are also purple and blue for the really speedy runners that are above the 69th percentile for cadence based on the data Garmin has about runners. Maybe someday…

At some point I guess this little foot pod can be used to measure distance, but I somehow have to calibrate it first. I wanted to do so tonight, but the Garmin won’t simultaneously calibrate it and track your running data via the timer (so it said), so I opted to track my running data because I am addicted to data!


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