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City of Hospitals

Southeastern view of the city from the 11th floor of Doctors Hospital, Mty.

Southeastern view of the city from the 11th floor of Doctors Hospital, Mty

It’s a beautiful day here today, with the real promise of warmth in the rays of the sun. It reminded me of the beautiful day last week when I went to the plastic surgeon’s office for a post-op follow up appointment and snapped this photo of Monterrey centro and the distant Cerro de Silla mountain.

Monterrey might mean “mountain of kings,” but as we navigate the private health care system here, we have started to think of it as the “city of hospitals.” My predicament with my fingers has had us as regular visitors to three private hospitals, two of which are five years old or less. A fourth hospital was introduced to us when we needed to go to a medical supply store to find splints for me to wear on my fingers at night. The plastic surgeon pointed out the fourth hospital via his 11th floor view and then told us to drive there and cross the street to find the splints. When an office window can serve as a substitute for Google Earth that definitely makes a lasting impression.

I am absolutely grateful that we have the ability to use the private health care system here. There is also a public health care system, similar to the health care system in Canada, but with much longer waits to receive consultations and treatments. It’s hard to imagine anything could take longer than a wait in the Canadian health care system, but it’s true. I do sometimes find myself wondering how the treatment and timeframes might have been different if this accident had happened in Canada; in the private hospitals of Monterrey you really don’t have to wait. I am hopeful that this fact will eventually translate into a functional right hand.



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