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The Reveal (#running #accident #injury)

When I finally got brave enough to remove the gauze from my pinky finger I noticed that there wasn’t much blood and that the remaining “holes” were very small. I was pleased that what the doctor said was true, that it wouldn’t take more than a day or two before antibiotic ointment was completely unnecessary.

Pinky's new look plus incision scars 7 weeks post-op (2 days post-op for wire removal).

Pinky’s new look plus incision scars 7 weeks post-op (2 days post-op for wire removal).

I have since been contemplating the progress of physiotherapy. I know that progress is being made, but it certainly seems like several of the joints only move begrudgingly with passive motion. It scares me to think that they might never again have an active range of motion of even half what they had before the accident. I am also always in a lot of pain, and I would have thought by this time that the pain would be diminished at least slightly. The surgeon is talking about the potential need for tenolysis surgery, and I am terrified and on the fence about ever agreeing to that regardless of the state of my hand. All you have to do is read a few PubMed abstracts about it to know that it’s risky.


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