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Goal, No Goal (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

I ran the 21K Nuevo Leon this past November 2013, it having been my first post-baby half marathon. After all the weight gain, the resigning myself to an unhealthy lifestyle, the making choices that put everything else first, I finally buckled down and made time for me. I am not ever going to win a half marathon, but I just love the feeling I get from those long runs, and the only way to be sure I will go for them is to have a goal race. It’s not like the race fees are expensive, but somehow knowing I signed up is a huge motivator. I know it is for many others as well.

I already had the ticket for the 21K Tarahumara in hand when I ran the 21K Nuevo Leon, but then “fingergate” happened and the status of my February 2014 half marathon was uncertain. I was hitting a great stride with my fitness and for the first time in my life I was getting faster, and then the rug was pulled out from under me. Anyone who has been paying attention here will know that I ran the 21K Tarahumara and successfully completed it at my typical pace. The doctors still don’t know, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?

I already had the ticket for the 21K Regio in hand when I ran the 21K Tarahumara. I figured that I could probably complete that one as well, even if physiotherapy somewhat reduced my ability to train. All my pre-baby races were successfully completed with only three or four days a week of training; as long as I got the long runs in I would be fine. I set my training schedule up for this May 2014 goal race thinking it would both keep me motivated and help me to avoid some of the most negative feelings I have been having about my fingers.

Life always throws curve balls and it is throwing me one again now. Due to some serious changes to where and when road races can be held and how much it costs thanks to neighbor backlash on the usual route of choice, the 21K Regio was moved to a new location. I noticed this, but also noticed that the May 2014 date was still solid. Well, it was. Most recently this race has changed its information photo to remind us that the race will be October 2014. They claim the date change is to avoid a conflict with a triathlon held on the same day. This is why races tend to keep their weekends from year to year and this is why the angry neighbors really made things complicated.

My typical half marathon training routine is 16 weeks long. As you can imagine, I am feeling like a fish without water right now. I have no goal, and since I don’t have anything to prepare for, I have been running a lot less. I almost didn’t go today either. The weather here has been uncharacteristically cool and rainy, and I toyed with the notion of skipping a long run today. Guilt finally made me go and I completed 11K in my traditional LSD style, but I still don’t know what to do. There are no convenient goal races of a half marathon distance to replace the one I lost.


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