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The Next Race (#running #training #goalrace)

If you are a runner, and especially if you are a runner who “runs to eat,” no matter the physical ailment, you eventually feel the urge to get going to whatever extent you are capable. Worried that I would just quit altogether because of this broken finger business, I registered for another half marathon goal race that will take place at the beginning of May. That being said, I had a super lazy week after last weekend’s race, and I didn’t run at all…until today (nor could I with daily 2 hour long physiotherapy sessions).

It was a nice morning for a run, and one of the things I most resent about this injury is that it’s eating into my enjoyment of spring running. It’s that time of year when trees are leafing out, the air is sweet with the smell of blossoms, and the sun warms your bones, but doesn’t yet totally fry you.

I checked the training schedule and today was scheduled to be a 10K long, slow distance (LSD). So that’s exactly what I did. It’s always fun to check out the heart rate data after the run, and remember where you walked, and where you sprinted just by the blips in the graph. I only just got my Garmin 310XT before Christmas, so I still have yet to really learn all about HR training. One thing at a time.




One comment on “The Next Race (#running #training #goalrace)

  1. Traci
    January 18, 2015

    I know the fear of planning your runs around potential dogs on the loose. My favorite neighborhood is laden with dogs off leashes; and I was bit last year by a dog off leash while it’s owner played on his iPhone. Some dog owners can be inconsiderate to runners. I am so sorry to hear of your injury! Best if luck in your recovery.

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