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As Far As We’ve Come

The x-rays that I had done yesterday to determine how well I have healed had to be picked up today. The doctor who asked me to get them done, my surgeon, asked me to get the lab to email him the images so that he could determine the course of action. When I asked the lab about emailing the images they said that it was not possible, that I would receive it on a CD. The paper that came with the CD seemed promising as a source of information, but my physiotherapist and I quickly determined that it was merely stating the nature of the breaks and repair methods, which we already knew.

Here I am at home, all ready to take a screen shot of the images and email them to my surgeon myself. The only problem is, the CD won’t play on a Mac. The lady at the lab got agitated when I asked this question, so I am not surprised. I fired up my six-year-old PC, and guess what? The CD player spins once and acts like there is no disc there. When I click the “Computer” icon nothing every shows up that remotely resembles a CD icon. The CD supposedly knows whether my iron wires can be removed or not, but that information may remain locked away forever if my surgeon doesn’t have a PC with a functional CD drive.

It’s hard to imagine that as far as we have come in the digital age, a lab still needs me to hand deliver results to my doctor and that a CD of results isn’t designed to play on multiple platforms. Why not just load the CD with .jpg files? Why make it so complicated? Why delay treatment and the improved comfort of your patients? This is the finishing touch on a day that was mostly not worth talking about at all.


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