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No Time

This will come as no surprise to anyone who has worked full time while undertaking physiotherapy: I have absolutely no time. Hence the dearth of blog posts of late.

Last Friday I went to physiotherapy and the meaner more thorough physiotherapist had been assigned to me. During our time together I found out that she would be my therapist from now on and she told me that she thought it would be better if I could come every day. Knowing that the half marathon would be over, and therefore my training less critical, I acquiesced and said I would come every weekday night. It was just as well because my Saturday morning appointment was canceled due to a meeting they were having in the physiotherapy center. I won’t get better without physiotherapy so I might as well buy in and go as often as I can, right?

Today was my second day this week and there were times at which I thought that the pain was worse than yesterday, but overall it was probably a little bit less painful. My physiotherapist said she thought it was less too. Who knows, maybe it will eventually stop feeling like my fingers are in a vice grip every time she makes them bend. One can only hope. The other patients in the room with me keep saying “pobrecita” whenever I cry out.

Tomorrow I will attempt to get a follow up x-ray of my hand to enable the plastic surgeon to gauge healing and hopefully set a date to remove the stainless steel wires in my pinky finger. I am ready to have them removed because they can easily get caught on things, and they make it hard to mobilize and rehabilitate the finger. Right now the physiotherapy on that finger is limited to the third joint only.

I don’t want to stop training for too long because I plan to run a few more races this spring. My physiotherapist admonished me for having run the half marathon, saying it was “muy peligroso.” The thing is, life is dangerous, and I could just as easily trip and fall whilst walking around. It hardly seems right for the rest of my body to atrophy while my three fingers recover. The recovery timeframe has been set to six months or more. That’s a lot of time to avoid exercise!


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