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No idea, nimodo (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

Physiotherapy was super weird tonight. First of all, I had a follow-up appointment with the head doctor at 5 pm. He hurt me badly, and told me he would make sure his technicians knew that the treatment should be more aggressive from this point forward. He agreed with the plastic surgeon that the movements needed to be done more often, with special attention paid to the first/knuckle joints of both the middle and ring fingers. He said he wasn’t concerned about the second and third joints of either, that they’d come back just fine.

My actual therapy appointment was for 7 pm, neither appointment being made with the prior knowledge of the timing of the other. I asked at the desk what I should do: a) put my name on the con cita list and wait until 7 pm, or b) put my name on the sin cita list and try to get in faster? The lady assured me that sin cita was the better choice, and so that’s what I did. We proceeded to wait and it seemed overly busy, but surely she wouldn’t tell me to choose the “without appointment” list if it wouldn’t be faster, right?

By the time they were calling my name it was 6:30 pm and I was just rushing back from a restroom break. My husband told them I was right there and coming, but by the time I got there whomever had called me was gone. I asked at the desk and they said, “Yes, yes, just a minute.” I stood there for a few minutes as other patients came and went. I heard the lady (the same one who told me where to sign up) use the phone to call back to the therapists to ask about me. She told me to take a seat. I was totally confused. More therapists came out and went back in with other patients. Finally someone came out and made eye contact.

I was admitted at 6:40 pm and since it seemed all mixed up I asked if everything was okay. Right away the tech told me that I should always ask what the wait is and if it is long I shouldn’t use the sin cita list if I have an appointment later on anyway. How was I supposed to know this? This is the second time a therapist has been mad at me for not knowing something that I couldn’t possibly know. I explained that this was the first time I had ever had physiotherapy, so how could I guess this type of thing? Why would the lady tell me to use the sin cita list if that list was going to cause me to run the same or later than my actual appointment would anyway?

My usual tech was nowhere to be found. They put me under the heat lamp, returned and unplugged it, then left me to sit for ten minutes, my hand getting colder and defeating the purpose of the heat lamp. The new female tech I had never met before was running back and forth, assuring me that my usual tech was coming, but eventually she resigned herself to doing the treatment herself. I was worried she hadn’t read up on my case and that she would accidentally overheat the titanium plates. I asked her if she knew my case and she assured me she did. It was 7 pm so I asked her why my usual tech wasn’t available if she was my tech and it was my appointment time. She admitted that there was some confusion. No kidding. She manipulated my fingers more aggressively, so all was not for naught, but I left super confused.


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