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The Bump (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

Day 16 after the accident was a statutory holiday in Mexico. I was home all day and therefore had enough time to unwrap the fingers to exercise them, as per the doctor’s orders. The exercise still wasn’t amounting to much, but it must be better than holding the fingers still at all times. It was definitely nice to give them some fresh air from time to time.

I went bandage-free for a while around the house and I had the odd sensation that something wasn’t quite right with my one “good” finger, the index finger. The middle finger was detecting the presence of a lump protruding outward towards it. Sure enough, there was a strange lump on the interphalangeal joint of the index finger. I hadn’t noticed it before, and I was instantly sunk into the depths of despair. Not the good finger; anything but the good finger!

This lump hasn’t gone away since (and it’s now Day 23), and it can be painful, though not to the touch, but through finger use. It absolutely restricts my range of motion with this finger, which can be a hinderance at times. If I lose function in this finger, my opposable thumb will have nothing to oppose. This will obviously be detrimental to the small amount of independence I gained when the surgeon agreed to remove this finger from the bandages and allow it to move freely.

The index finger was definitely impacted by the fall. It had and has the pain and bruises to prove it. The breaks in the other fingers took all the attention, and other injuries were all but ignored. The major patch of “asphalt burn” on my shoulder was pointed out by me to various health care professionals and no one followed upon it (it fully healed by Day 14). The x-ray was taken with my middle finger overlapping the interphalangeal joint of the index finger, so even if something was amiss back then no one would have noticed it. Tomorrow I will bring it up at my appointment, and I have already read more than I should about these types of problems on the internet, so I am thoroughly dismayed.


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