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Stitches Out (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

I returned to the plastic surgeon’s office ten days post-op. I had been doing my little exercises for ten minutes twice a day, but not much had changed. The ring finger might even be moving less now. The pinky finger didn’t even factor into these exercises. Its fate seemed both uncertain and unimportant. The doctor reminded me, “The bigger the bone, the better the outcome.”

The doctor told me that the blue stitches would come out today. That was when I realized I wasn’t imagining things, there really were two types of stitches in the incisions. The blue type were stronger, and he preferred them, but patients were very squeamish sitting still while he took out a lot of them. His compromise was a few well-placed blue stitches combined with some of the white, translucent, dissolvable stitches. He had them out in no time and it looked a little better.

He asked about the physiotherapy and I told him that my first appointment was the next day, a short eleven days post-op. He told me that he would see me again in two weeks, at which point he would order another x-ray to ascertain whether or not the physiotherapists were being too vigorous. I was alarmed. If the physiotherapist could do more harm than good why start so soon? He reassured me that it was a good idea; the sooner I started, the sooner the fingers would be functional.


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