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Frankenfinger (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

My first post-op appointment was three days after the surgery. We finally got to see and experience Doctors Hospital, and it was both very easy to get to and very new and clean looking. We learned that it was built very recently, so maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if the ambulance had gone there instead.

The doctor carefully removed the bandages, exercising great caution at the pinky finger with the metal wire sticking out of it. (I can now attest to how easily it is to accidentally pull on that wire while removing the bandages.) I was scared to see what was under the bandages, and I was not entirely prepared for how strange it would look to have metal purposefully sticking out of my skin.

The incisions on my middle and ring fingers were clean and neat. They had been stitched up with two types of stitching, one blue, one translucent white. I would learn more about the two types later. Two wires were sticking out of my pinky finger, and they had been cropped to be much shorter than they were in the post-op x-ray image.

The doctor asked me to bend my fingers at the second joint while he held them in place at the same. The middle finger had about 20 degrees of movement, if that, and the ring finger, even less. The doctor didn’t even ask me to try moving the pinky finger. I was grateful because I knew it would hurt. All of them hurt to move, though the pain wasn’t bad if they were held still. I hadn’t taken any pain medication since my first night at home.

I was on two courses of antibiotics to fight infection, and one of them was making me sick to my stomach. The doctor agreed that I could reduce the frequency of the suspected antibiotic to every 12 hours from the every 8 hours that was originally prescribed. I had to take both for five days and I was convinced that taking a pain pill on top of all that would just make me more sick to my stomach, so that’s why I abstained from painkillers.

He sprayed an antiseptic spray on the wounds, anointed all wounds with an antibacterial cream and bundled the hand back up. He taught us how to do the same ourselves as he went, and instructed me to henceforth commence the same finger exercises twice a day for ten minutes at a time. I was shocked that I would be moving them so soon, and even more shocked that he wanted me to seek out physiotherapy in another six days!


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