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My journey as a long distance runner who started the sport later in life.

Repair Job (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

When I awoke my hand and arm were all bundled up in white bandages, a firm half cast supporting everything from the elbow down to the fingertips. I was surprised it wasn’t a full cast, and I would later find out why. For now I was receiving intravenous fluids, a nurse attending me every so often to check the settings and to administer medicine. I didn’t feel pain, but my hand was still very much asleep from the local anesthetic. I was hungry. I wondered when I would be allowed to eat. The surgery had started around 6 pm, and it was around 9:3o pm now. What a long surgery for a few fingers on my weak hand.

Now I had titanium plates and screws in two fingers. The pinky finger had been pulverized and could only be treated with two metal rods to hold everything in place. How scary to play host to items that spanned the distance from my bones to protrude through my skin. Little did I know just how tricky that particular finger would make my life and my recovery from this ridiculous accident.


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