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Diagnosis (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

I am fortunate to have access to private medical care in Mexico. I have met and been treated by some very wonderful doctors during my almost seven year stay, and this time around was no exception. The right doctor was called, x-rays were taken, pain killers were administered, and then it was just a matter of determining a course of action.

The x-ray was a sight to behold. Most of what I now know about broken bones is as a result of this accident. The middle, index, and pinky fingers of my right hand each suffered dislocated, compound fractures at the proximal ends of their proximal phalanges. It wasn’t pretty. The plastic surgeon who was called in from another hospital told me that the middle and index fingers would need surgery and reduction using titanium plates and screws. The pinky phalanx was in so many pieces that all they could do was insert some wires to hold it in place while my body did the healing. My first question was obviously about how much more difficult air travel would be. I said I didn’t want titanium inside my body permanently. He said the nature of the breaks left us with no other option. The goal is always to restore function to whatever extent possible. At least we know that part of Grey’s Anatomy is realistic.

The surgery would start at about 5:30 pm, after the anesthesiologist was satisfied that my lunch had digested thoroughly. If all went according to plan the surgery would take 3 hours. I was still dwelling on the titanium. I was also wondering if I would be awake during the surgery. He assured me that I would be totally out with a general anesthetic. I was happy because this was the one time I didn’t want to watch a medical procedure.


One comment on “Diagnosis (#justfingers #running #accident #injury)

  1. sarahdudek80
    February 4, 2014

    That is incredible!

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